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FOX News
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm EDT
closely. >> glenn: george soros. he is the billionaire progressive activist who doesn't mind throwing his money around. seemingly unending quest for big government control is kind of strange, perplexing to me honestly, because he was born in budapest, hungary, and his dad was a hungarian jew, prisoner of war in world war i. soros found his way to new york city in 1996. i've been happy about that ever since. by 1970, he had set up hedge funds that could help him make his fortune. he's the guy who helped collapse the british sterling. yet, he spent millions of that fortune on things like progressive blog sites, like media matters, where bloggers can earn six-figure salaries just to sit around in their underpants and distort conservative words all day. they're going to be extra busy on tonight's show. he started the open society institute which seeks fairness, justice. social justice? no. he also helped start the tides foundation, among its many super, super classics are the anti-capitalist indoctrination video. yes, george soros money. great! shown in schools all across america to warp your
Sep 22, 2010 1:00am EDT
something else ms. mitchell had to say. >> c.r.e.w. is a left wing george soros funded liberal group that makes -- gets its donations because it goes after republicans and conservatives. that's what melanie sloan does. she should not have a tax exempt organization, she should lose her tax exempt status because of the way that she interferes and intervenes in partisan campaign activities. >> i mean, what about that? george soros-funded liberal left-leaning group? >> c.r.e.w. is not a left leaning group, we take all comers. we go after republicans, democrats, liberals, conservatives. we go after public officials and candidates who do the wrong thing. we're about right and wrong, not democrat or republican. >> funded by george soros? >> indeed, the open society institute which gets its money from george soros has given us money, but if soros gives money to us because he thinks we only go after republicans i guess he's sadly disappointed by all of the actions we've taken against so many democrats including he eddie bernice johnson who has been on your show discussing charlie rangel, maxi
Sep 23, 2010 1:00am EDT
want to see us fail. i'm sure you've heard the cnn reports that a george soros, very liberal left wing group headed by melanie sloan has filed some trumped up complaint against our campaign. these are the kind of distractions that they want to dominate the news to distract from our winning message. >> the group she's talking about is the citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington. they're called c.r.e.w., and they're partly funded by george soros and his open society institute. they insist they're nonpartisan and have gone after plenty of republicans as well as democrats. their director melanie sloan was on the program last night. >> c.r.e.w. is not a left leaning group. we take all comers, we go after republicans, democrats, liberals, conservatives. we go after public officials and candidates who do the wrong thing. we're about right and wrong. not democrat, republican. >> funded by george soros? >> indeed, the open society institute which gets its money from george soros has given us money. but if soros gives money to us because he thinks we only go after republicans, then
FOX News
Sep 1, 2010 5:00pm EDT
the rich guy down the street. i mean george soros. they're fleeing to gold now, i love how congressman weiner went on a crusade to save customers from the pasty white guy on tv. that was his life mission, because i was duping people into buying gold. george soros is leaving the american market and getting into gold. they bash me for doing radio commercials on my show for gold when gold was $800 an ounce and they said glenn beck is duping everybody. they're going to lose their money. really? it's now over $1200 an ounce. that's today. they are now saying yesterday it could go up to $1,500 by the end of the year. now why would gold be going up? historically, is that a big number? first of all, all the liberal bloggers who put the cheetos down because they're like oh, he's talking about gold. i have to write a blog about that. i said even on the radio program, i don't buy gold as an investment. it's insane. it's insane to buy gold. it buy it as insurance. let me explain why. let me show you what gold is like. do you remember, do you remember the department of homeland security? they had t
FOX News
Sep 28, 2010 5:00pm EDT
transformation, funded by george soros. but there's also campaign, campus progress, which is also an off-shoot of the center for american progress funded by george soros and then there is of course, the great panthers, they are great, age and youth in action, they quote, work for social and economic justice and peace for all people. they have a slogan and i want you to remember this slogan, people over profits. people over profits. remember that slogan, will you? then we have the courage campaign, they're partners with they push for full equality and progressive change in california, like they, they need any more. then you have the yeah yeah network, never heard of that one. a social justice group active in the counter military recruitment movement. don't know what that is? that means if somebody is coming to recruit in your school, they teach them that military is evil and you shouldn't be involved, they're hate mongers. here is an add. the yaya is hearing youth organizers, calling all youth organizers, rebels with a cause, must be 15 to 19 year old. wow, trouble makers, tro
FOX News
Sep 30, 2010 5:00pm EDT
a year-and-a-half ago from the tides foundation. funded by george soros. it is playing at about 4,000 schools across the country. it's called the story of stuff. here is the way they are teaching your children about anti-colonialism. >> if everybody consumed at u.s. rates, we would need three to five planets. >> glenn: here we go. >> we've only got one. >> glenn: here it comes. >> my country's response to this limitation is to go take somebody else's. this is the third world, which some say is another word for our stuff that got on somebody else's land. what does that look like? the same thing. trashing the place. >> glenn: okay. she is saying to kids in schools, what is that? that is just saying our stuff somehow or another got on their land. we are taking, we are stealing from the third world. because we are the oppressor. that explains it. call it whatever you want. these are the facts. this is the explanation. now we're moving from fact. everything you've just seen are facts. but in case you haven't been able to pin it together yet, i want to move. can we move the anti-colonia
Sep 26, 2010 6:00pm PDT
are the ones pumping money into this and george soros and hollywood and democrats aren't, give me a break. >> i want to know who they are. i want to know that they disclose who they are and you cannot find out who is putting money in, -- you see an advertisement and you think it is against the health care bill and you don't know it is sponsored by the insurance industry. you see an advertisement that is for don't ask, don't tell, you don't know the corporation paid for. >> money is the mother's milk of politics. >> that is true. let yet not your heart be trouble. there is money and everything. money will always be there. i gave on this argument a long time ago. just accept it. >> that is the problem. >> in the district of columbia, the two mayoral candidates spent almost $9 million between the two of them. that is a local election. >> i want to know where it is coming from. i think that is healthy. for years, there was agreement on that at least ostensibly and now, the republicans are blocking this. >> are they just looking for an excuse to talk about the death? >> the correct answer is b. puff
Sep 8, 2010 12:30am PDT
suicide has cost the economy money last year. the figures were released. the largest donation from george soros to human 8 watch. in return, the group must match that fund, it can dollars million a year for the next tenures. -- $10 million a year for the next 10 years. a plan to burn copies of the koran at a church in florida. the u.s. secretary of state has condemned this as disgraceful and disrespectful, and as many as 500 people may have been raped in the democratic republic of congo and the last month alone. u.n. peacekeepers have been criticized for failing to protect the victims. that is bbc news. thanks for being with us. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work fo
FOX News
Sep 23, 2010 5:00pm EDT
. not the rich guy that you work for, factory you see every day. i don't mean that guy. i mean george soros. i have my minion, al gore. we will make cook stoves for everybody. not everybody, but food for our cook stoves. they are push the carbon trade dollars getting richer on your dollars. yours. they are taking it through your tax dollars. we are buying cook stoves. the regular ceos are freaking out. most voted for the clowns but they're freaking out because they can't keep the doors open. they know we're in trouble. those are the regular ceos. not the george soros. they have been preparing this for a long time. they helped create. look at how al gore profited on the hysteria he created, increasing his personal wealth 50 to 100 times or more. i have no problem anybody wants to be a capitalist. i got no problem on that. but while you increase fortunes of the elite, they're galvanizing their power and setting up global governance and he is living in a mansion that is using ten times the amount of electricity that you and i are supposed to use. just don't be a hypocrite about it, al. i'll tell
Sep 15, 2010 9:00pm PDT
tides is funded by liberal philanthropist george soros. >> retribution was called for the tide or anybody working for george soros by taking out 11 people. >> 11 murders to avenge the 11 workers killed in the bp oil explosion in the gulf last april. in a second interview a week later williams waivers. >> that was two days away. there was a good chance sitting around on a sunday afternoon in the middle of a city that i don't know really well, i might have just decided to go them. >> williams now has regrets but not because of what he was planning to do. >> you know, actually i regret it only because of the condition that i'm in and the pain that i put on my mother but i'm 100% convinced that we cannot beat the system of corruption. >> reporter: williams is charged with several counts of attempted murder of police officers and other felony crimes. the tides foundation referred us to its website which says "this is a reminder of the intolerant climate created by the demogogs and fear mongering pundits of the right wing." >>> you notice it has been warming up the last couple of day
Sep 24, 2010 11:00pm PDT
to lp out. i would show up, it's different for me to ju go up to george soros and say hi but wn oliver stone introsdrusyou it changes the wol dichotomy. >> funny for chaerlie rose was provided by the following: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: eric schmidst is here, the c.e.o. and chairman of google, the company seems everywhere. if you are looking for information, chances are you might google it. in search the company commands 65% of the u.s. market. then there's google news, google earth, googel maps and more. but as the company has grown bigger, it has also attracted more regulatory scrutiny over its market dominance. all the data google has about us also led to concerns about privacy. mean while the tech giant is pushing ahead in new avenues it is placing big bets on mobile where it's android operating system has gained market traction. it is investing in social networking with facebook is dominant. later this area it will launch google tv which will bring the web to vt screens. i'm pleased to have my frie
FOX News
Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm EDT
career in chicago. we have shown you george soros is funding for many of the groups and that they went to one of the poorest sections in new york recently and gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of your tax dollars. stimulus money. gave it out. we've shown you the acorn connections. the community organizers receiving untold billions in your money despite massive voter registration fraud and corruption. still, congress will not turn off the spigot for 60 days. doesn't sound like somebody is trying to overload the system yet. >> i'm ben stein. i understand the theory that glenn often talks about, about a group of far leftist trying to overburden the economy so it collapses. yes, i think they're too stupid about the economy to realize it's going to overburden the economy. they think of the economy as an unending gusher of. >> this is a rich country. we have plenty of money, plenty of money out there. the question is how are we going to spend it? >> unending gusher of money. >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforms the united states of america. >> glenn: how did
FOX News
Sep 21, 2010 2:00am EDT
is with adrianna huffington. and van jones. here she is again with of george soros. spooky guy. the progressive change campaign committee says there will be, "hell to pay" if her position does not have real power. why? why is this position so important? why is she so loved? what are her beliefs? here is how she feels about credit card companies. >> credit card companies market their product the same way drug dealers do. try it out. then once you're heard, credit card companies have a special word for customers who pay in full every month. deadbeats. the credit card companies are undermining the economic security of middle class america. they will hang on to them and bleed them for as long as they possibly can. >> glenn: true. have you cut up your credit cards yet? please do. i remember my folks did it in the 1960s. i must have been very young. but i remember them cutting them up. cut your credit card company. cut the credit cards up. why did my parents do that? it's not the credit card company fault. it's clear, when you borrow money, you pay it back. do we really need an entire government bure
FOX News
Sep 22, 2010 5:00pm EDT
is the driving force behind this one? well, it is center for american progress. a george soros organization. the center for american progress. they promote breastfeeding as a healthier option. why? because homer simpson over there. that's homer. he's not going to correctly choose breastfeeding? and we're getting obese like homer. that's why we're banning all the foods. "americans need to make healthier choices." they believe breastfeeding can prevent obesity. the big issue is not about breastfeeding. it's their solution. it's always the same. it's to nudge you. cass sunstein. treat you like a lab rat. trick you in to the perceived better choice. so the breastfeeding bill comes from center for american progress. higher prices on breast pumps, you may not have the money, so you will make the other choice. all to fight obesity. who else is fighting obesity between cass sunstein? michelle obama. she's in line with this report. the report says it can be prevented by increasing availability of healthy food options. that's what michelle said. we get the replace butter with apples idea. eating patt
Sep 16, 2010 5:30pm PDT
high of $2,300 an ounce, george soros warned this week that gold is the ultimate bubble. >> by the time main street figures out something is hot and want to jump in, it's usually very late in the game. eight or ninth inning. it tends to go higher after the public discovers it, but usually it's the last gasp. >> reporter: of course, nobody know where is we are in the game right now, but analysts warn an improvement in the economy could dim the luster of gold. peter alexander, nbc news, new york. >>> when we come back here tonight, a foreign leader in the news for a trick photo, and the first lady of the u.s. in the news for what may be a fake quote. at purina one, we want your dog to be as healthy as possible. so, we set out to discover the science in some of nature's best ingredients. we created purina one with smartblend. new, delicious shredded morsels and crunchy bites, with real meat, wholesome grains and antioxidants, for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your dog. purina one improved with smartblend. discover what one can do. introduci
Sep 7, 2010 4:00am PDT
site, nearly nine years after it was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. >>> billionaire george soros is expected to announce today that he is giving $100 million to human rights watch. the first of some really big gifts still to come. >>> and former jetblue flight attendant, steven slater is in court today. charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. >>> more news coming right up. when i was seventeen i was not good to my skin. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare. exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. do-overs do exist. [ female announcer ] new clinical skincare. neutrogena. #1 dermatologist recommended brand. oprah: they all say they were the child brides of this man. how was it explained to you at 8 years old? >> he said the marriage vows with me and had sex with me afterwards. >>> and finally fr
FOX News
Sep 16, 2010 1:00pm EDT
project. healthcare for america now is funded by george soros. left wing groups tied to the center for american progress. these are in no way representative of the small businesses and consumers who are being harmed. and who are facing the costly consequences of this federal healthcare takeover. and none of this educational campaign can wipe away the fact or white wash the fact that it has been a miserable failure. if you measure them by their own goal, they said city would reduce costs, it has not. they said city would increase access, it has not. if you talk about the young people, they keep touting the fact that more young people will get on healthcare when in fact in the real world in the healthcare market what's happening in the individual market is insurers, five of them here alone in colorado are cancelling coverage for young people because of the costs of all the increased mandates being heaped on them. megyn: you mentioned healthcare for america now, that's the george soros group that will be holding events to inform voters about the provisions. we heard from kathleen a be
FOX News
Sep 30, 2010 6:00pm EDT
is funneling his millions elsewhere this election. "new york times" report billionaire george soros who gave more than $20 million to democratic oriented groups in 2004 is holding back so far this year. advisor told the times, "mr. soros believes he can be most effective by funding groups that promote progressive policy outcomes in area such as healthcare, the environment and foreign policy. so he has opted to fund those activities." paper suggests losing big donors like soros contributed to a spending gap between prorepublican and pro-democratic group. if democrats lose control of one or both houses of congress, expect plenty of investigations in the obama administration. correspondent shannon bream reports on one likely subject. the allegation that the justice department is deciding which laws to enforce on the basis of race. >> it's the reason they dismissed the suit that matters. the reason is a scandal of epic proportion. >> the u.s. civil rights commissioner says his concerns about the department of justice go far beyond the case involving members of new black panther party. accused of
FOX News
Sep 15, 2010 9:00pm EDT
by radical left wing progressive george soros. there are grass roots conservatives across this country and independents who are sick of the democrat party who do not want to have to choose progressive wolves in elephant's clothing this is why they are screaming their heads off. >> sean: michelle malkin, appreciate you coming. kong greats on the book out in paper book. we'll see you soon. time to check in with greta for what is coming up 19 minutes from now. >> greta: you know that guy that michelle malkin just called vicious, completely tone-deaf, uncivil, karl rove? he's here. the good thing is michelle is not getting into that. he's not the only one here. senator mcconnell, senator nelson and candidate marco rubio from florida. they are all here tonight. and so much more. back to you. >> sean: we watch in 18 minutes from now greta van susteren goes on the record. our great, great american panel, next. my nasal allergies are ruining our camping trip. i kn who works different than many other allergy medications. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal sym
FOX News
Sep 21, 2010 5:00pm EDT
. say what you mean and mean what you say! but they don't. i guarantee you if media matters and george soros isn't on it yet, they will be in the next ten minutes saying what a conspiracy theorist i am. that's what they do. but if their own words this is what they believe. it's just two ways of approaching things. that's it. the question is do you believe in freedom anymore? do you believe in the free market system and entrepreneurs? do you believe in the founding documents? we got problems. we've made mistakes. can we take the best of what we have, and jettison the worst and try again? yes! they don't believe that. you have to tell your friends, the democrats who are there. explain it to them. who think it cannot happen in america. they have to stop thinking like the typical american who understands the unleashing of the free market is the answer. washington doesn't believe that. they're taking steps toward global society. it's imperative that you pass the information on and then you get like-minded people. i don't care who you vote for, to go out and vote. i warned you about a struct
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 60 (some duplicates have been removed)